Our first ENDO baby was born on 19.12.2019, a healthy female baby and a result of a natural pregnancy.

Our first ENDO baby was born on 19.12.2019

Our first ENDO baby was born on 19.12.2019, a healthy female baby and a result of a natural pregnancy. The mom had severe extensive endometriosis and previous failed surgery in another hospital, but after seeing Dr. Marlin Mubarak, she can now live a healthy and happy life with her precious baby girl. She is the first of several successful pregnancies since Dr. Marlin Mubarak started the Complex Laparoscopic Surgery for Severe Endometriosis on the 16th of October 2018, at Canadian Specialist Hospital. Congratulations to the proud parents and to our Dr. Marlin Mubarak and her team for making this possible.

Successful surgery enables healthy pregnancy after cervical cancer!

Successful surgery enables healthy pregnancy after cervical cancer!

Patient was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in November 2017 and had initial surgery which removed all the cancer cells by Dr Marlain Mubarak at Canadian Specialist Hospital which diagnosed slightly more advanced stage. Following that, she had further surgery in the form of Laparoscopic removal of lymph nodes, but fortunately no further cancer cell were found. Dr Marlin followed her up and after 1 year of cancer clearance started trying to get pregnant without success. Simple procedure to open the cervix by Dr Marlain allowed her to get pregnant within 1 month. For the family and friends this was the miracle baby. The pregnancy was monitored so closely as she was high risk of having a miscarriage and later premature delivery but with close monitoring, medications and cervical suture she was delivered at 37 weeks gestation by Caesarian section on 15th October 2019 at CSH. A healthy baby boy and mum were discharged home.

Prostate Cancer DIY Test

Prostate Health

Prostate Health issues are common amongst men and almost half of men aged 50 and above develops benign prostatic hyperplasic (BPH), also known as enlarged prostate. These causes common issues like frequent or difficultly in urination, residual urine and other related symptoms.

Prostate Health- Warning Signs

There are some warning signs that indicate it’s time to call the doctor

  • Waking up frequently at night to urinate
  • Blood in Urine or Semen
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Painful urination or ejaculation
  • Difficult to initiate or having residual urine

DIY Test for Your Prostate Health

Almost all men experience below optimal prostate health by the age of 40. Prostate problems may even develop in men in the early 30s. Most of them do not take preventive measures or are too embarrassed to seek treatment to reduce the symptoms of enlarged prostate, until it is too late. For a start, a quality prostate health formula could help to reduce the risk of developing prostate symptoms.

International Prostate Symptom Score
International Prostate Symptom Score

Talk to Your Doctor

Talk to your doctor about your Prostate Health, including your personal health plan

interactive 3D visual walkthroughs of patient medical procedures

Interactive 3D Visual Walkthroughs of Medical Procedures

Patients at Canadian Specialist Hospital can now look forward to interactive 3D visual walkthroughs of their medical procedures and understand the modalities of the actual operation before they undergo it. Canadian Specialist Hospital has partnered with Medify, a Dutch company that has developed this unique concept and launched the project with the Cardiology Department. The program is mapping the patient journey, from the first call to the Call Center to book the first appointment, to him returning for the follow ups after undergoing the procedure and being admitted. To simplify, it is done by breaking down complex medical information into easily grasped visuals and is extremely helpful in improving patient knowledge, compliance, quality consultation interactions and significantly reduce registration period and anxiety levels through patients ‘care path’.

Vitamin D - sunshine vitamin

Low vitamin D – Common Medical Problem

Many of my patients, who come into the office for their physical exams, mostly their major complaints are feeling dizzy, weakness, tiredness and no energy along with body aches and bone pain. Usually, I run all routine blood tests along with vitamin D, and most of the time I find low vitamin D and the rest of the blood tests usually normal. – Dr. Sarla Kumari 
Specialist Physician Diabetologist at Canadian Specialist Hospital Dubai

Dr. Ramsey Mustafa Al-Omari

Thank You Dr. Ramsey Mustafa Al-Omari

Dear Ana, (Ref. Ms. Ana Maria Mandai, Marketing Manager, Canadian Specialist Hospital)

My name is Aida. I am a mother of Mia Moustafa Mohamed, the patient of Dr Ramsey Mustafa Al-Omari, in your hospital.

I would really like to draw your attention to the exceptional work of Dr Ramsey Mustafa Al-Omari!

Launch Event Endometriosis Center

UK’s BSGE accredits UAE based Canadian Specialist Hospital for its endometriosis center

Canadian Specialist Hospital, announced the British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (BSGE) accreditation for its endometriosis center at an event recently. The accreditation is the first of its kind for a medical institution in the UAE and confirms that the hospital is well-equipped to conduct accurate diagnosis and offer the necessary treatment with the help of a skilled medical team and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Save Kerala

Save Kerala – CSH Donation Campaign

Canadian Specialist Hospital embarks on a drive to support flood ravaged Kerala

Hospital is running this initiative from 18th till 24th August and people are requested to support this cause by contributing the clothes and other items that will help the needy